We are pleased that you have chosen to look at our center for your child’s care and educational needs. We are QUALITY RATED by Bright From The Start. The staff at Young World are committed to providing high-quality care to the children we serve. We believe that parental involvement is one of the reasons that children succeed in school.

We have a licensed capacity of 119 children. We believe in supporting child, family and community. Parents are always welcomed to come visit our center and share their experiences and cultures with the children.

Infants & Toddlers

Our Infant and toddler room encourages infant exploration with stimulation that promotes physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development. Our teachers are nurturing child development professional who are passionate on creative experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the important development that occurs in a child’s first year.

In our infant and toddler classroom you will find:
-Teachers reading books to the children. Reading a loud helps your child’s vocabulary grown and develop a love and familiarity with books.


The two year old room encourages your child to be social and independent. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help your child develop in ways that give them comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially. In our centers children use dramatic play, blocks, games & puzzles, books, and creative arts.


The program helps our three and four year old enhances their confidence with hands on activities to help them become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning. Through independent exploration and structured activities, they learn to understand number concepts, creative expression, cognitive, language and literacy development.


The children in this classroom learn all of the core subjects under the Georgia Pre-K program. They have a busy and varied curriculum designed to prepare them for kindergarten. They are taught their names, letters, develop problem solving and listening skills, and how to work collaboratively.

School Age

School age children attend our center before or after school and have a fun filled schedule on the days they are out of school. Field trips include many educational and entertaining places, such as the library, museums, arts and crafts, swimming, roller-skating, and many other activities.

After care students are provided snack upon their arrival from school and receive homework help from staff. After completing their homework they have the choices of reading a book, creative arts, or playing outside.

What We Offer:

  • Full-time care for children age 6 weeks through 12 years of age; some part-time available
  • Drop-in care for the occasional needs
  • After-school care with transportation from local schools
  • Summer camp programs with educational experiences
  • Age appropriate curriculums in all classrooms

Our administrative staff has experience in early and elementary education. All staff members are required to have a minimum of credentials, first aid and CPR certification. Some have gone on to acquire a higher education.

Our mission at Young World Child Care & Learning Center is to provide high-quality educational environment in a warm, secure setting for children 6 weeks though 12 years of age. We encourage parents, teachers, and administrators to work together to enable children to acquire a foundation for lifelong success.

Our school’s philosophy is based on personalized instruction with the opportunity to learn in a happy and secure environment. Each child’s needs are considered upon entrance and placement is matched to the child’s individual learning style. The result is for all ages to develop a strong foundation in learning, positive self-esteem and emotional well- being.

Our Goals:

  • To provide a secure and creative place for children to learn
  • To develop language, cognitive, social, emotional, fine, and gross motor skills
  • To promote positive self-esteem in children, parents, and staff
  • To motivate parental involvement in their child’s early education
  • To support child, family, and community
  • To be professional members of the educational community
  • To provide a warm, loving, nurturing, and caring environment
  • To provide opportunities for exploring and learning social interaction through a variety of daily activities


The staff at Young World Child Care & Learning Center offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum in every classroom. Our Younger and Older Infant classrooms utilize Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards (GELDS). In the Younger Infant class, the focus is on visual stimulation and the focus in the Older Infant class is on verbal stimulation.

For our Toddlers, Twos, and Three Year old classrooms we utilize the GELDS. We focus on the several domains of learning such as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, motor skills, communication, language, literacy, and approaches learning by exploring and playing.

The Pre K Classroom has, for us, the newest, most exciting curriculum. Child Care Education Institute (CCEI) is proud to announce the review process for High Scope Curriculum has been completed and it will remain on the Georgia Approved Curriculum list for Georgia Pre-K.

High Scope  is a research-based  and child focused early childhood curriculum designed with both teachers and students in mind.  The curriculum uses a carefully designed process- called- “active participatory learning”- to achieve powerful and positive outcomes. Based on the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson, High Scope provides teachers with lessons that engage children in developmentally appropriate activities. High Scope is published in an easy-to-use, reusable format that includes lesson plan guides, activity enrichments, and long range goals linked to key standards.

High Scope Curriculum not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning, but also promotes curiosity, cooperation, creativity, persistence, and problem solving. The children also learn respect and independence by being allowed more responsibility with classroom duties. This curriculum brings in the pre-literacy, math, and science skills to prepare our Pre K children for Kindergarten. These are more ways we try to help prepare our children for the new world of elementary school.

Our School Age program offers fun and interactive exchanges between the children and staff. We offer assistance with homework during the school year as well as age appropriate activities for the children to participate in. We encourage the older children to mentor the younger children by example and also academically.