CAMP: Parents, We Need You!

So in the upcoming weeks you are going to be hearing a lot about our summer movie. We are currently in pre-production so that means that we have a lot of ground work to build. Rachel is our set designer and Lizzy is our costume designer (working with the help of the entire class) and they need your help! Any donations for potential props (cardboard boxes, paints, and other crafty items) or costumes (i.e. old clothes and/or old Halloween costumes) are welcome. If you want to help by donating more specific items, please talk to Mr. Jon sometime this week. The key thing here is recycling, so please do not feel obligated to buy anything for the class, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Ada will handle anything that needs to be purchased.

Speaking of recycling though, Mr. Jon wants to encourage a constant theme of conservation and being socially aware of what is happening within our community. Please help by donating any recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, milk jugs, juice cartons, newspapers, magazines, or anything else you think that could be reused into something crafty and fun this summer.

Parents, also remember that our first field trips are this week (We’re having a picnic in the park and going roller skating) and to have your children dress appropriately. Mr. Jon asks that children wear sneakers because there will be a lot of running around and sports this summer. Roller skating requires socks so please be sure to bring them on Thursday (the 29th). Then this Friday is our first water play so be sure to bring in swimsuits and a towel. If you would like your child to wear water shoes, please remember to also send a pair of sandals or shoes for them to change into later (so we don’t get blisters on our feet).

If you have any questions regarding summer camp on what you can do to help, what your child might need, details about our schedule, or you just want to drop in to check out what we’re doing, please talk to Mr. Jon or Ms. Ada.


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