Reminders !

> First day of Pre-k and Before/After school students , August 6th.
> Parents of Children with milk or food allergies should provide a doctor’s note to ensure proper food substitution during meal.
> For our school closing during inclement weather, tune in to Fox 5 Atlanta for updates.
> Notices/Reminders are posted at the front office.
> Fire drill, April 15th.
> Picture day, TBD.
> Gwinnett County Fire Dept. Visit, Sep. 13th
> Pre-K Field Trip to Animal Farm House, Sept, 14th.-
> Note pick up/drop off times at the front office.
> Inquiries about before/After care services available at the front office.
> No parking over 3 minutes at the pick up/drop off area, use parking lot instead if you plan to stay longer.


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