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CAMP: Select Featured Activities

Week 1 Craft Week. Week 2 Pre-Production for our summer movies / Fun At Water Park. Week 3 Picnic At Stone Mtn. park! Hiking, Nature Trial, Cherokee Trail. Week 4 Ferbank Museum At Downtown Atlanta ( A Fun Filled Day ) . Week 5 Yellow River Game Ranch. Week 6 In House Filled Fun Activities. Week 7 Water Park. Week 8 Stone Mountain Adventure Pass. Week 9 Parents Inclusion

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CAMP: Parents, We Need You!

So in the upcoming weeks you are going to be hearing a lot about our summer movie. We are currently in pre-production so that means that we have a lot of ground work to build. Rachel is our set designer and Lizzy is our costume designer (working with the help of the entire class) and they need your help! Any donations for potential props

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